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Let’s go ento!

29 April 2022 | By

Insects are about to become part of our western everyday meals. Here, Iwan Tamm from plant- and insect-based pet food brand Percuro tells how our furry friends are taking the lead.

Disruption as the new normal?

29 April 2022 | By

Marcel Koks, Industry and Solution Strategy Director for Food and Beverage at Infor, looks at how food manufacturers can use technology to boost supply chain resilience in the face of ongoing disruption.

The psychological impact of allergies

28 April 2022 | By

During Allergy Awareness Week, New Food explores the findings of the UK’s biggest study into the perceptions on allergies, which has uncovered the hidden mental health and psychological effects of having - or caring for someone - with an allergy.

Recipe boxes – 10 years on

26 April 2022 | By

How have recipe boxes changed in recent years and what has caused their increase in popularity? Patrick Eve, Chief Commercial Officer at Gophr, one of the UK’s largest same-day courier services, finds out.

Food security in a crisis

25 April 2022 | By

Tim Newthorpe of The Vegan Society analyses how the war in Ukraine is impacting the supply of global commodities that Europe relies on to maintain current levels of production.

Measuring the product experience

23 April 2022 | By

When considering the testing processes in food production, most minds will gravitate to laboratory analysis. Here, we find out about another important test – sensory experience and fulfilment – and how it can make or break a product.

The latest buzz in honey testing

21 April 2022 | By

Liquid chromatography coupled to quadrupole time-of-flight (LC-Q/TOF) is proving one of the most comprehensive methods for testing food authenticity, according to Dr Stéphane Bayen, an Associate Professor in the Department of Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry at McGill University.

Saving human lives

21 April 2022 | By

Carel du Marchie Sarvaas explains how innovations in animal health are serving up safer food and considers ways we might further improve quality standards in the future.