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Is that soya sustainable?

8 July 2021 | By

With the impacts of soya production well known, many have turned to sustainable methods, but how do you separate the genuine claims from the fakes?

Benchtop NMR analysis and the future

7 July 2021 | By

Kevin Nott from Oxford Instruments and Tim Lumb from ALS Global shared their expertise on the current and future use of time domain (TD) NMR and benchtop NMR spectroscopy for measuring food composition and authenticity.

The sustainable future of food in the workplace

5 July 2021 | By

The catering industry is responding to an increased focus on health, wellbeing and sustainability. The challenge: to provide wholesome food that meets crucial corporate social responsibility targets, while answering consumer demand for nutrition. Ryan Holmes considers whether seasonal supply chains and plant-based diets hold the answer.

Is the UK reaching copycat product fever pitch?

1 July 2021 | By

A ruling by a judge in Scotland has seen Lidl pull every bottle of its ‘Hampstead’ gin from Scottish stores after a trademark battle with rival distiller, Hendrick’s. Following soon after the Colin v Cuthbert the Caterpillar case, could the UK see a crackdown on copycat products in the near…