In-Depth Focus: Food Safety

The Food Safety In-Depth Focus in New Food Issue 1 2024 features articles from Interfaces at the Manchester Metropolitan University, the sister of Owen Carey and Stop Foodborne Illness discussing the latest advancements and campaigns that are impacting the food safety sector.

Included in this Food Safety In-Depth Focus, which was first published in Issue 1 2024 of New Food:

Outcomes of the SurfSAFE project: Sustainable and hygienic solutions for the food industry

Kathryn Whitehead, Professor in Microbiology at Interfaces, reveals the work of a recent European project aimed at increasing microbial safety in the food industry sustainably through surface modification. 

Owen’s Law will save lives

Here follows an emotive account from the sister of a young man who lost his life due to an undeclared allergen at a restaurant several years ago. Owen Carey’s sister, Emma Kocher, shares details of her family’s campaign, calling for improvements to the display and communication of allergy information for non-prepacked food.

Stop Foodborne Illness: 30 years of advocacy for everyone who eats

The arc of a life provides many opportunities for reflection. In the case of the thirty-year commemoration of Stop Foodborne Illness, there are specific milestones to review, as CEO Mitzi Baum now shares. 

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