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Bioactives: Redefining healthy ageing with food

22 August 2022 | By

Dr Catherine Kwik-Uribe, Vice President, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs and Scientific Research from Mars Edge shares the initial findings of an in-depth study into our ageing global population; highlighting key takeaways regarding the health benefits of bioactives in our diet.

The virus battle

19 August 2022 | By

Inês Santos explains how one can improve target quantification in testing for norovirus and hepatitis A with digital PCR.

Reservation fraud – it’s a thing

18 August 2022 | By

Reservation fraud is a growing concern for restaurants and patrons alike. Here, the founder and CEO of identity intelligence company Deduce, Ari Jacoby, provides insight into this emerging deception.

Ingredients – protein and fruit

18 August 2022 | By

This edition of our popular ingredients focus looks at protein and fruit, with contributions from Emily Griep of the International Fresh Produce Association, and three experts from Wageningen University's food safety and economic research divisions.

Can healthy food help save the NHS?

17 August 2022 | By

In his second column, Sepe Sehati discusses the UK's relationship with food and how well-thought-out government initiatives coupled with a change of mindset and lifestyle could help create a healthier Britain and save the dying NHS.

New Food Issue 4 2022

17 August 2022 | By

With the Food Safety Conference 2022 fast approaching, Issue 4 2022 of New Food takes stock of current and emerging food safety concerns with an especially sizeable food safety In-depth Focus, including expert insight from 14 professionals. Plus, coverage of food inflation, sustainability, future foods and so much more!

How can we solve water scarcity?

16 August 2022 | By

As droughts become more frequent, EIT Food’s CEO Andy Zynga uses his second column to examine the possible ways we can respond to water scarcity through food innovation.