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Step up or step out, Eustice

11 March 2022 | By

Professor Chris Elliott takes no pleasure in saying “I told you so”, after warning about the UK’s vulnerability when it comes to food security. But, out of the Ukraine crisis could come a reinvigorated food system…

Supporting more sustainable consumer diets: what works?

10 March 2022 | By

Rising interest in sustainable diets has led many food businesses to consider how best to play their part in driving a dietary transition. Here, Joanna Trewern at WWF-UK relays the results of an initiative that encouraged consumers to make lasting changes to their eating habits.

Low/no: this is just the beginning

5 March 2022 | By

Following New Food’s Food Bev Horizons conference, wherein we asked, 'Is this the end of alcohol?’, Co‑founder of jeng, Christopher Lackner, gives his expert view on the future of US drinking habits.

Britain’s plant-based voice

4 March 2022 | By

Marisa Heath gives an overview of the Plant-based Food Alliance UK’s goals – a new coalition of organisations from Britain’s plant-based food and drink sector.

New genomic techniques – saviour or nemesis?

3 March 2022 | By

As the warning of climate change becomes ever more pressing and our growing global population places a strain on resilient food sources, could gene editing offer a sustainable solution to secure the future of our food system or will there be unintended consequences?