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Feeding chicken in a low-carbon world

28 June 2022 | By

Brian Kenyon, Senior Nutrition Manager, ABN on the vital role ABN is playing in outlining a structured roadmap towards a profitable, sustainable and low-carbon poultry industry based around performance and animal welfare.

Q&A Roundtable – Food Integrity

28 June 2022 | By

Three key figures in the industry discuss the biggest challenges in food safety and fraud, exploring how food integrity has evolved and anticipated future issues.

Across borders

28 June 2022 | By

Katie Doherty from the International Meat Trade Association (IMTA) shares insight into the evolving border trade regulations impacting the meat industry and stresses the need for continued consultations and industry engagement to achieve a smooth transition to an effective system.

Meat – sustainability, nutrition and trade deals

27 June 2022 | By

In this edition of our Meat In-depth Focus, we hear from some of the meat sector's most influential voices on evolving trade regulation, the role of feed in the road to Net Zero, and how we might balance nutrition and sustainability.

Ingredients – cultured meat and brain food

27 June 2022 | By

Scientists are diving deep into the cells of our brains to discover what keeps us awake at night – and food may have a vital role to play; whilst Africa reaches a major food milestone. Inside June 2022’s Ingredients In-depth Focus:  ETH Zurich’s Denis Burdakov explores the relationship between neuroscience…

New Food Issue 3 2022

21 June 2022 | By

Issue 3 2022 of New Food invites three industry heavyweights to discuss food integrity in an insightful roundtable, whilst we find out from ABN the role feed will play in helping the meat sector be more sustainable. Download and read for free to stay up to date with the latest…

Meat doesn’t have to be the villain

21 June 2022 | By

Bethan Grylls looks at the narratives that have formed around the plant-based and meat sectors, and suggests that the 'unquestionable' health and sustainable halo that once shrouded plant-based may be dimming. Meat industry - it's your time to shine!

Three big trends in food and drink

20 June 2022 | By

During a trip to Kerry Global Innovation Centre, our Editor discovers three huge trends emerging in the world of food and drink: plant-based 3.0, functional upgrade and kitchen redefined. Here’s all you need to know about them…