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Greenwashing – the new food fraud

15 April 2022 | By

As consumers become more interested in the environmental impact of their products and services, businesses are facing intense pressure to be greener...but this also gives way for a new type of fraud.

Brewing up a superb protein

15 April 2022 | By

People’s appetite for protein has evolved, with many consumers turning to plant-based alternatives for at least some of their meals. Here, Superbrewed Food’s Bryan Tracy talks about the perks of anaerobic fermentation.

Civil unrest may not be far away

14 April 2022 | By

History has warned us that as food prices rise, rioting is likely to follow. Here, Professor Chris Elliott points to a few key moments in history and calls on the UK Government to wake up.

Ingredients – pet food, CBD and infant formula

13 April 2022 | By

April 2022's Ingredients In-depth Focus explores the most common ways contaminants are finding their way into baby milk, a look into the humanisation pet food trend, and one expert's insights into the trials and tribulations of being of UK CBD business.

How we judge food

12 April 2022 | By

Food and drink producers must consider the multi-sensory experience to ensure a fulfilling end result, but it's important we don't judge a book by it's cover...