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Umami: the 5th taste

12 December 2022 | By

Ever heard the term umami? This taste, discovered several decades ago, is now one of five basic tastes, but what does it contribute?

New Food Issue 6 2022

11 December 2022 | By

Issue 6 of New Food is out now - enjoy more than 50 pages of food safety analysis, new product innovation and application notes.

Seed as a starting point

21 November 2022 | By

New Food’s Grace Galler speaks to Michael Keller, Secretary General of the International Seed Federation, about how the seed industry is navigating various challenges and why he believes the sector is “under-represented”.

Can GMOs and clean label co-exist?

18 November 2022 | By

Jaclyn Bowen looks at the market drivers for both GMOs and clean label and examines whether the two conflicting, concurrent trends can continue on their trajectories simultaneously.

Thai Union on sustainable fishing

16 November 2022 | By

With multiple threats looming over our fishing industry, from IUU fishing and climate change, Bethan Grylls interviews Adam Brennan, Thai Union’s Group Director for Sustainability, on what the company is doing to ensure responsibly sourced produce.