Confectionery, Food Safety and the Supply Chain – UK Focus 2018

Posted: 19 December 2018 | | No comments yet

Ravi Sharma reveals how one Devon confectioner saw its fortunes turned around with help from an unexpected source; ozone as a sanitiser: Giovanna Cossali explains why it’s well worth considering and Stanley Chia assesses the current situation in global supply-chain management and looks at where the UK fits in.

UK Focus 2018 cover
  • From barks to bonbons
    When a Devon confectionery company was put into receivership it looked like the end of a long heritage of fudge and toffee manufacture in the region. Just when everything appeared to be lost, rescue came from a very unlikely source. Ravi Sharma, Director of Bristows of Devon, explains how the company and its quality brands have been re-energised.
  • Thinking beyond chemicals for sustainable fresh produce sanitation
    Growing consumer awareness and increasingly stringent regulatory demands have resulted in renewed emphasis on the quality of water and selection of disinfectants used for the washing and preparation of vegetables, salads and other fresh produce. Giovanna Cossali explains why she believes ozone is worth considering as a sanitiser.
  • Transparency, Food and the Global Supply Chain
    Stanley Chia assesses the key issues for today’s consumers and offers his advice on how to reassure them.

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