Stepping up to the plate: Nick Stevens

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In this series, we speak to dynamic voices in the food industry, showcasing individuals who are embracing new responsibilities.

Stepping Up To The Plate

The coffee sector is booming. In fact, Statista predicts that the coffee market worldwide is projected to grow by 3.54 percent between 2024 and 2028.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the coffee sector, leadership and innovation crucial roles in shaping the industry’s future. Nick Stevens, the newly appointed B2B Commercial Director for Nespresso Professional in the UK and Republic of Ireland, sits down with New Food to discuss his seven years worth of experience within the company, delving into his background, insights and vision for Nespresso Professional.

Who are you and what is your new role?

Nick Stevens, I’m the newly appointed B2B Commercial Director for Nespresso Professional in the UK and Republic of Ireland (ROI).

What experience do you have in the sector?

I have been at Nespresso Professional for nearly seven years – I love this team and I’m excited for the new challenge. I am looking forward to this fun and new chapter growing the B2B division across various commercial areas including HORECA and Office commerce. I moved to Nespresso in 2017 from Nestle Waters where I held responsibility for the HORECA channel, where I worked for over three years. Prior to this, I worked in the hotel industry as a director in sales and marketing, where I was responsible across revenue, marketing, and partnership sectors of the businesses. My previous experience also includes time at the Morgans Hotel Group and The May Fair Hotel.

After nearly seven years at Nespresso, what have you learnt about the coffee sector?

The coffee sector is always changing and advancing. For businesses looking to keep their employees and their customers happy, good coffee is no longer just a ‘nice to have’. Our sustainability journey is decades old at Nespresso, but everyone is now more conscious of the urgent need to act to protect our planet. Whether you are managing a FTSE 100 office, an independent retail business, a golf club or an international hotel, every business is under pressure to act more sustainably – whilst maintaining standards.

What is something that Nespresso Professional is working on right now that really excites you?

At Nespresso Professional we are currently working on the new launch of our Brazil Organic coffee to add to our Origins range. The capsule will join the collection which has flavours from Peru, Congo, and Colombia. All the coffees in this range are ‘Made with Care’ and sourced from carefully selected regions in each of these countries.

We are also exploring new partnerships and products. I can’t share much right now, but there are lots of exciting things coming down the track this year – new blends, new recipes, new innovations. The expansion of our Professional range and presence is something really important to me and my team.

Tell me one recent news story that has stood out to you in recent months concerning food and beverage and why?

One story that has really stood out to me was a programme that asked, “Could a ‘third space’ help us fight loneliness?”. ‘Third spaces’ are communal, socialising places like coffee shops and the benefits they can bring to communities and individuals is fascinating.

Nespresso Professional recently did some research into why office workers are adopting a ‘work from anywhere’ approach; opting to work from cafés, libraries, hotels, or even bars! We discovered that people find these environments inspiring and productive.

I personally love spending time at the office with my team – it is invaluable. If you are someone with the opportunity to work flexibly, though, why not pop into a local venue and grab a sandwich or a coffee whilst you work? That support could make all the difference and many in the HORECA industry are already starting to create bespoke offerings.

What are your visions for your new role at the time of stepping up?

Where to start? As someone that has come up through the industry and been at Nespresso for years, I never want to lose sight of how important our customer experience is. I love getting out and meeting our partners; learning what makes them tick. I’m quite straight-talking and the people side of the business is something I am passionate about. Hopefully that openness and my genuine passion for this team and this business will shine through.

At the same time, I am focused on spotting new opportunities – we can tailor our offering to businesses of any size, in any sector, and that is exciting as we expand. There are lots of innovations in the pipeline that I can’t wait to bring to life.

How to do see the coffee sector evolving in the next three years?

A great question! I’m optimistic about coffee as a force for good. I think we’ll see new innovations that reduce the sector’s negative impact on the environment and a concerted effort across the board to move towards regenerative and socially responsible practices.

The creativity that people apply to their coffee isn’t going away. It’s hard to believe that pumpkin spice or Matcha were once unusual here in the UK, but they were! We’re seeing new blends that bring surprising flavour combinations to the fore and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

What is one trend you believe will take the sector by storm in 2024?

Our understanding of the health and wellbeing benefits of coffee is improving every year. The ties between wellness and coffee will only strengthen further – and that’s an opportunity for the sector.

We are already seeing some combine ingredients like mushrooms, protein, and collagen with their coffees. At Nespresso, we recently launched Ginseng Delight and Vivida B12 for consumers to enjoy at home. But we’re only at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this trend – watch this space because wellness is certainly going to take the sector by storm!


Nick StevensNick Stevens is the newly appointed B2B Commercial Director for Nespresso Professional in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

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