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Fighting exploitation

28 December 2021 | By

Troy Pearley explains the farmer-centric business model of Divine Chocolate and how its structure helps create a fairer industry that projects the voices of minority groups.

The future of a successful strategy

23 December 2021 | By

Vicky Pyrogianni of the International Sweeteners Association looks at sugar reduction with the use of low/no calorie sweeteners, including facts and myths around their safety, benefits and application.

The latest in technical solutions…

23 December 2021 | By

Read our latest selection of Application Notes to keep abreast of new methods, tools and updates from the leading solution providers.

Your guide to food safety

22 December 2021 | By

This month's focus on food safety looks at food fraud in Africa, seafood transparency, recaps Food Integrity's microbiology panel, and whether bacteriophages and indoor farming can protect us from future outbreaks.

Your update on confectionery

21 December 2021 | By

In our latest In-depth Focus on confectionery, New Food hears from three established chocolate brands, plus an expert delves into the chemistry of chocolate.

Top 3 obstacles to sniffing out pesticides and how to beat them

17 December 2021 | By

Efforts to meet global food demands must be balanced with the need to protect the health of the planet. Here, SCIEX presents the main obstacles encountered during pesticide analysis along with some effective means of assuring pesticide residue limits are adhered to.

New-age agriculture

17 December 2021 | By

With the global population on course to be 9.9 billion by 2050 and the ever-more intense race to reach Net Zero, our methods of food production need a drastic rethink. Will technology be our saviour?

New Food Issue 6 2021

16 December 2021 | By

Will technology save us? Find out in our latest issue of New Food as we look to the experts for answers in this mega-packed edition, which also includes several pieces from leaders in the confectionery sector.

HFSS and food analysis

10 December 2021 | By

With new legislation around products high in fat, sugar and salt looming over the UK, Antony Bagshaw from One Scientific offers clarity over the kinds of analytical detail you may require from your testing lab going forward.