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I’ll take my mussels with a side of microplastic

18 December 2020 | By

“If you eat mussels, you eat microplastics,” a new study by the University of Bayreuth, led by Dr Christian Laforsch, has warned. The Bayreuth team investigated the microplastic load of four mussel species available in supermarkets from 12 countries around the world. All the samples analysed contained microplastic particles, and…


Microplastic contamination found in common source of groundwater

28 January 2019 | By

Microplastics contaminate the world’s surface waters, yet scientists have only just begun to explore their presence in groundwater systems. A recent study is the first to report microplastics in fractured limestone aquifers – a groundwater source that accounts for 25 percent of the global drinking water supply. The study identified…


Research reveals microplastic contamination in aquatic species

20 November 2023 | By

According to latest research, all aquatic species in the river mouths flowing into the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean are contaminated with microplastics. Carried out by scientists at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (ICTA-UAB), the conclusions of the international project “i-plastic” revealed…


How dangerous are microplastics?

14 January 2019 | By

After early reports of microplastic pollution in the oceans and beaches sounded the alarm, the global scientific community intensified its focus into this area. Researchers have since found evidence of microplastic contamination seemingly everywhere – in our lakes and rivers, beverages and food supplies. Dr Natalia Ivleva, a researcher at…


Microplastics found in human food (…again)

19 April 2022 | By

Researchers from Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia have found that there are microplastics in human food supplies – including wild-caught and ocean-farmed fish and seafood – due to plastic pollution. The research, published in Science of the Total Environment, states that microplastics are “ubiquitous in our marine environment” and tend to…


IR microscopy for the analysis of microplastics in bottled water

ON-DEMAND | By PerkinElmer

Microplastics are becoming a major global environmental concern with regular major newsworthy studies revealing the presence of plastics and microplastics in remote geographic locations, or as contaminations in many different consumer products, especially food and beverages, as well as within the digestive systems of marine species. The sources of the…


Microplastics found in human faeces

23 October 2018 | By

Scientists from the Medical University of Vienna and the Environment Agency Austria identified evidence of microplastics in the stools of each individual who took part in an international study. Lead researcher Dr Phillip Schwabi from the university said: “Of particular concern is what this means to us, and especially patients…


Webinar: Discussion on the WHO latest findings on microplastics

27 February 2023 | By ,

Earlier this year, the World Health Organization (WHO) published a state-of-the-science report to assess the potential health risks associated with exposure to microplastic. The report, “Dietary and inhalation exposure to nano- and microplastic particles and potential implications for human health,” builds off the WHO’s previous report on the potential effects…


Riding the next wave of alternative protein

23 February 2021 | By

[…] industry. Consumers are concerned about overfishing, marine pollution and the environmental impact of the fishing industry on biodiversity. They are also increasingly worried about the health implications of microplastic contamination in fish and crustaceans, and growing levels of mercury in some fish species. Set against a backdrop of rising global demand…


Seafood study finds plastic in 100 percent of samples

13 August 2020 | By

[…] different kinds of plastic in the sample at the same time. Polyvinyl chloride was found in all samples, while the plastic found in highest concentrations was polyethylene. Microplastics are very small pieces of plastic that pollute much of the planet, including the sea where they are eaten by marine…


Microplastics found in breast milk

11 October 2022 | By

[…] waste across the world. In fact, it’s estimated that there’s 250,000 tons of plastic litter in our oceans. Now, for the first time, a study has found microplastics in human breast milk. According to the paper published in Polymers, microplastics were discovered in 26 of the 34 samples of…