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New Food magazine is pleased to feature blogs and articles from some of the leading commentators in their respective fields. If you’re an expert in your field and want to share your insights with our readers, please contact us.



An essential guide to food safety challenges in the 21st Century

24 February 2017 | Roy Manuell | Digital Editor

New Food brings you a 21st Century update on developments and improvements in food safety...


3D food printing: An ultramodern technology with an endless potential

23 February 2017 | Hochschule Rhein-Waal

While 3D printing technology is normally associated with synthetic materials, a new trend in additive manufacturing is emerging - 3D food printing.


4 ways the baking industry can react to current consumer trends

22 February 2017 | Mark Hughes, CEO Anderson Partners; Monica Ginsburg

It’s time to cash in on a growing consumer demand for health and transparency say Anderson Partners...


Consumers turning towards fermented foods more and more

21 February 2017 | New Food

Consumers are looking more and more to fermented foods according to online search results...

US sell-by-date labelling is about to change… in a big way

17 February 2017 | Roy Manuell | Digital Editor

Most US consumers have no idea about the true motive behind the sell-by-date on their food labels says the Washington Post in an article published today...

Feeding Asia: Climate change and the devastation of food security

16 February 2017 | Roy Manuell | Digital Editor

New Food considers the potentially exponential impact climate change could have on both global and Asian food security...


Lifting the lid on the clean label trend | Health Ingredients Month

16 February 2017 | Lindsey Bagley, BA, CSci, FIFST, Flavour Horizons

Clean label is no longer a trend - it is now the rule and accordingly New Food asks Lindsey Bagley, Flavour Horizons, to delve deeper into one of the industry's definitive trends...


Cell culture: an innovative approach for production of plant actives

14 February 2017 | Marc Fremont, Ph.D. R&D director, VF Bioscience SAS

Mark Fremont, R&D director at VF Bioscience SAS looks at cell culture as an innovative means of producing high quality plant actives...


Plant-based ingredients and their cognitive benefits | Health Ingredients Month

13 February 2017 | Andrea Zangara, Centre for Human Psychopharmacology, Swinburne University

Ageing is a highly complex process that is associated with many common chronic neurodegenerative diseases. Do plant-based ingredients provide a potential solution...?


Will modern American farming methods soon dominate British agriculture?

9 February 2017 | Slow Food International

New bilateral trade agreements between the UK and the USA could see the former being forced to lift restrictions on food imports from the latter...


The unique, natural value of rice starch | Health Ingredients Month

9 February 2017 | Kevin Bael, Product Manager, Specialty Rice Ingredients, Beneo

As part of the New Food 'Health Ingredients Month', we hear exclusive analysis from Beneo's Kevin Bael into the unique, natural value of rice starch...


What is a flavonoid and what can it do for a healthy weight management?

8 February 2017 | Leslie Beck, Registered Dietitian, Medisys Clinic, Toronto

No doubt you’ve heard that eating more fruits and vegetables can help you manage body weight...? Leslie Beck investigates the value of flavonoids to a healthy weight management...

Why Barry Callebaut’s model for sustainable growth is one the entire food industry should follow

6 February 2017 | Roy Manuell | Digital Editor

The cocoa manufacturer is providing the entire food and beverage sector with a model for sustainable and responsible growth...


Healthy food? It’s out of reach for most of us | Health Ingredients Month

6 February 2017 | Alex Murtough, Field & Marketing Manager, Oppo

A healthy diet is often financially out of reach for consumers. We spoke to Oppo Ice Cream about why the #DontTaxHealthy campaign is so important...

acid whey

How dairy can lead a new waste revolution – and enjoy the rewards | Health Ingredients Month

3 February 2017 | Claus Andersen | Category & Application Manager | Arla Foods Ingredients

In the latest in our Health Ingredients Month, Arla Food Ingredients' Claus Andersen argues that dairy companies can lead the way in tackling food waste...


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