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Webinar: Extrusion of plant-based meat

Posted: 15 September 2021 | | No comments yet

Valerie Pietsch, (Dipl.-Ing., Technical University of Berlin) presents an introduction to high and low moisture extrusion of plant proteins.

Demand for plant-based meat alternatives is increasing. Plant-based meats is one of the top food trends and is reaching global phenomenon status.  To support this movement, new plant-based meat alternatives need to meet consumer expectations in texture, mouthfeel and taste. Successful development of these foods can be achieved using twin-screw extrusion and the inclusion of characterisation analysis via SEM and rheology.

What you will learn during this webinar (45 minutes):

  • How twin-screw compounders are a flexible solution for the development of plant-based proteins
  • See examples, process setups and demonstrations of typical plant-based meat types produced via extrusion
    • Texturised vegetable proteins
    • High Moisture Meat Analogs (HMMA)
    • Range of textures with modular die design
  • What mechanisms govern the formation of meat-like product structures
  • Characterisation analysis examples
    • Qualitative analysis of product structuring via imaging (SEM)
      • Influence of the use of a breaker plate – flow profile
      • Influence of feed rate on product structure
    • Quantitative analysis of product texture via rheology
  • Tensile strength measurement via compression (Young’s modulus)
  • Structural strength with amplitude sweeps via oscillation
  • Optical analysis of thin layer amplitude sweeps

Who should attend:
Technicians, scientists, and researchers with an interest in food process development, food technology, food formulation, food research, food engineering, health food innovation management, pet food technology, protein technology, and quality control.

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