Evolution of plant-based food production from batch to inline

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24 September 2020

Supported by:

24 September 2020

KROHNE FeatureOne of the biggest challenges in the production of plant -based analogues for meat and fish is the increase of efficiency at lower costs without compromising in texture of the final product.

KROHNE offers a methodology to weigh and qualify soy or wheat or lupine etc. based slurries inline and in real time. Existing pilot or small scale operations based on step-by-step batch quantities will be upgraded to a continuous inline blending. This method eliminates process interrupts and unlocks potential to extrapolate production scales. In addition tightening of unwanted production tolerances by highest repeatability will be enabled under challenging conditions. Producers of PBMA/PBFA can benefit from these advantages despite of fibers, solids or air entrainment in the slurry, dough or other kind of mash that is the most costly ingredient to the final product.

Key learning points:

  • High accuracy flow measurement of slurries and the final product
  • Continuous level measurement in small and narrow tanks with agitators
  • Point level detection of tough, pasty or highly adhesive media
  • Change production from a batch to an inline blending principle

Join this webinar and learn how measurement instrumentation can increase the efficiency in your plant and unlock incremental potential for automation in production processes.

Keynote Speaker:

Ryan KROHNERyan Kromhout, Manager Global Industry Division Food & Beverage, KROHNE Group

Ryan brings a diverse set of process instrumentation and automation in terms of experience, working in demanding flow applications over hygienic valves through the physical layer for signal transmission and a uniform access to device intelligence.
After his engagement with Emerson Process Management, Brooks Instrument, GEA Tuchenhagen GmbH and Turck, Ryan leads the Global Industry Division Food for the KROHNE Group.

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