How to efficiently and successfully implement a new food testing method in accordance with ISO 16140-part 3

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20 May 2020

Supported by:

20 May 2020

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ISO 16140 part 3, method verification, is one of the six standards belonging to the ISO 16140 series dealing with the various aspects of method validation. The basic standard for the ISO 16140 series is part 2 on the validation of alternative (proprietary) methods. In addition to the ISO 16140 series, ISO 17468 (validation of the ISO/CEN standards) is also relevant. In this presentation the links between the different validation standards and how to efficiently and successfully conduct an in-house verification study are considered with reference to a real example. A new guidance document regarding the application of the ISO 16140-part 3 in the context of ISO 17025 accreditation is introduced.

Key Learning Points:

  • Overview of the ISO 16140 method validation series and how they relate to each other and the food testing laboratory
  • Deeper understanding of the requirements for successful implementation of ISO 16140-part 3
  • Learn how Thermo Fisher can support a laboratory through the ISO 16140-part 3 process.

Keynote Speakers:

Paul in ‘t Veld

Paul in ‘t Veld, Senior Scientist, Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority

Paul in ‘t Veld worked at the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) for 12 years and now works as a senior scientist at the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. In general, he supports food inspectors within the organization with microbiological expertise and works on standardisation of methods (e.g. convener of ISO/SC9/WG3). In addition he is freelance technical assessor for ISO 17025 accredited labs.

Benjamin Diep

Benjamin Diep, Research Scientist, Nestlé Research

Benjamin Diep has spent 20 years in the food industry focusing on food safety and quality. He is currently working as a scientist at Nestlé Research in Lausanne, Switzerland. His field of expertise comprises methods development and validation (cultural and molecular based methods) for food pathogens and hygiene indicators. He is a member of ISO 16140 WG, the co-project leader of the ISO 16140 part 3 and a technical reviewer for MicroVal.

Daniele SohierDaniele Sohier, Senior Manager for Global Scientific Affairs – Food Protection, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Daniele Sohier is the Senior Manager for Global Scientific Affairs – Food Protection at Thermo Fisher Scientific. Daniele is strongly involved in ISO and AOAC standardisation and is an active member of MicroVal. She has coordinated more than 100 validation studies including several harmonized AOAC-ISO 16140 validation schemes.


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