Video: Introducing the all NEW NIRQuest+

Posted: 5 July 2021 | | No comments yet

In this video, Ocean Insight’s Yvette Mattley reviews key features of the new NIRQuest+ spectrometer. Ideal for moisture content of fruits and grains.

NIRQuest+ is the next generation of NIR spectrometers from Ocean Insight. The NIRQuest+ family has an improved optical bench design for higher-sensitivity performance and is available in a configuration well suited for your NIR application.

NIRQuest+ is available in three versions covering different wavelengths from 900-2500 nm. These spectrometers are ideal for applications including moisture content for fruit sorting; plastics recycling; and chemical concentration measurements. The spectrometer can be used in the lab or on the line, such as on a conveyor belt or in a sample stream.

NIRQuest+ can measure very small changes in absorbed signal, which are typical of harmonic overtones in the NIR. Its higher sensitivity enables better measurement accuracy, particularly in low light conditions. Also, at longer wavelengths, NIRQuest+ measures diffuse reflection at low noise levels, resulting in cleaner spectra at wavelengths where distinct spectral features can be difficult to capture.

For NIR solutions for customer integration projects, Ocean Insight offers several capabilities: in-house feasibility and verification testing via Ocean Lab Services; skilled engineering support for OEM level optimization of spectrometer optics and accessories; and machine learning algorithm development for advanced data identification and quantification.

NIRQuest+ spectrometers are compatible with Ocean Insight’s comprehensive line of fiber optic light sources, optical fibers and sampling accessories.

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