Episode Nineteen: Everyone has a right to food

Everyone should have a right to nutritious food. We hear from Young Food Ambassadors working hard to make sure that prerogative is delivered to children around the world.

New Food’s editorial team Josh and Bethan speak to two of The Food Foundation’s Young Food Ambassadors, Jani Clarke and Rabiya Hussain , to discuss food poverty and the effect it can have on children growing up. 

Jani and Rabiya offer an insight into their work as Young Food Ambassadors, including working with Dame Emma Thompson and appearing on their very own podcast. They also tell their stories of attending school having, on occasion, not eaten and explain why this has such an impact on education. 

We discuss the recent legislation introduced in the UK around unhealthy foods, and ask whether this punishes lower-income households, as well as asking how we can “poverty-proof schools”. 

Finally, Jani and Rabiya tell us the message they would deliver to world leaders in order to solve the problem of food poverty once and for all. 

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