Emergency Episode: Change at the FDA…Part Two

Posted: 9 March 2023 | | No comments yet

The New Food editorial team analyse the latest update from the FDA and discuss the Administration’s search for a new Deputy Commissioner for Human Foods.

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Joshua Minchin and Grace Galler get AFDO Executive Director Steven Mandernach back on the pod to talk through the latest update from the FDA on its proposed reforms, plus get the inside track on who he thinks might land the star role.

Steve explains why some top potential candidates have already ruled themselves out of the process to find a new Deputy Commissioner of Human Foods, after Frank Yiannas resigned from the Administration last month. 

FDA food chief resigns: Why has Frank Yiannas stepped down?

Plus, Grace and Josh ask Steve for his read on the reaction of the food and beverage industry to the FDA updates: along for the ride or distinctly unimpressed, listen to find out. 

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