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Biobased lubricants – ensuring oxidative stability

3 November 2021 | By

The momentum for green chemistry and more sustainable products is gaining. Consumers are demanding more biobased, less toxic, and more ‘natural’ products, showing a definite move away from petroleum-based products, towards renewables. Here, Alejandro Marangoni explains that oxidative stability must be ensured to achieve an effective transfer.


Online detection of foreign bodies in packaged foods using ultrasound

10 September 2009 | By Gauri S. Mittal, Professor, School of Engineering, University of Guelph

The presence of foreign bodies (FBs) in processed foods is one of the major concerns of the food industry, and their detection and identification are important in quality assurance and safety. An FB is any undesirable piece of solid matter present in a food product. When foods are manufactured or…


What’s new in an old product?

29 July 2005 | By H. Douglas Goff, Ph.D., Professor of Food Science, University of Guelph, Canada

Ice cream and related desserts have been manufactured for centuries, the history of which is a fascinating tale replete with old-fashioned imagery of wholesomeness, tradition, family fun and folklore1. Today, though, ice cream is a very large global business that is anything but standing still in tradition. This paper will…