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National Food Crime Unit



Outwitting food fraud

22 August 2019 | By

There are many reasons why food quality, safety and traceability screening is important, from supporting product labelling, to combatting food fraud and ensuring foodstuffs are safe for human consumption. Here, New Food hears from an industry expert about some of the techniques currently in play designed to combat the fakers.


Wake up and smell the coffee

18 September 2018 | By

Dr Kate Kemsley reports on her team’s discovery, which makes use of ‘benchtop’ NMR to overturn conventional wisdom on the chemical composition of our favourite drinkable pick-me-up.


Country Profile: United Kingdom

11 July 2017 | By

In this UK profile, we investigate how Industry 4.0 could be a powerful tool, and Gavan Wafer, Head of Crime Operations at the National Food Crime Unit offers his insight into tackling food fraud in the 21st Century...