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23 March 2018

HelloFresh SE acquires Green Chef

23 March 2018 | By

“Our customers are at the centre of our thinking when it comes to offering great dinner experiences. Green Chef has a groundbreaking approach to its organic menus and will be the perfect addition to HelloFresh’s meal plans,” said Tobias Hartmann, President for North America at HelloFresh. “HelloFresh will now offer…

21 March 2018

Starbucks invests $10million to create new, sustainable cup

21 March 2018 | By

Starbucks has announced that it is committing $10M in partnership with Closed Loop Partners, a company that promotes sustainable consumer goods and recycling, to support the NextGen Cup Challenge. This aims to bring a fully recyclable and compostable cup to the market within three years in response to the environmental problems…

21 March 2018 Birds

American study reveals the best coffee for bird diversity

21 March 2018 | By

It's an age-old debate for coffee lovers. Which is better: arabica beans with their sweeter, softer taste, or the bold, deep flavor of robusta beans? A new study by WCS, Princeton University, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison appearing in the journal Scientific Reports has taken the question to unlikely coffee aficionados: birds.

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