Popularity of organic protein bars and shakes on the rise

Posted: 22 July 2019 | | No comments yet

With the popularity of organic food on the rise, a variety of organic protein bars and shakes options are being created to meet demand.

As sales revenues of organic foods in Europe continue to rise, trend categories like protein bars and shakes are also growing. With regard to the organic market, functional bars are of special interest and demand is rising rapidly. 

“The growing demand for organic products is becoming more and more obvious in health and fitness-related categories,” said Marc van Essen, Sales Director at SternLife

Even though the popularity of organic protein bars and shakes are growing, few organic offerings exist.

Therefore, companies are now creating new organic protein bar and shake options to meet this demand, where raw materials can be from animal or plant sources as desired. For example, protein sources can be pea, rice, hemp, sunflower and pumpkin, or milk and whey.

The proper combination of raw materials is important in order to achieve high bioavailability and high product functionality

Various options for organic protein bars are now being made available, with raw materials coming from a variety of sources.

Organic options are also available in the powder market for different target groups and occasions, working from a wide portfolio of raw materials. With the popularity of veganism also on the rise, both vegan and conventional options are also available in this segment. 

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