CRAVE goes peanut-free with new P’Not Butter

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In response to a continued rise in the number of people suffering from peanut allergies, CRAVE’s new nut-free peanut butter alternative makes the popular product more accessible for all.

CRAVE goes peanut-free with new free-from nuts P’Not Butter

Credit: CRAVE

CRAVE, the free-from food brand, has announced the arrival of its latest creation: P’Not Butter, the nut-free peanut butter spread.

P’Not Butter is a free-from alternative that emulates traditional peanut butter. However, unlike the standard spread, CRAVE’s product is made entirely from sunflower seeds.

The reason behind the departure from the norm is that peanut allergies affect approximately 2% (1 in 50) of children in the UK, and this number has been on the rise in recent decades.

In response to these figures, CRAVE, known for its commitment to creating great-tasting products without allergens, has once again stepped up to the plate. By introducing P’Not Butter, the company has made a popular product accessible to a wider audience.

Founder of CRAVE, Rob Brice, explained: “We’ve really got our nuts out this time with our second spread to market. Instead, it is a crunchy sunflower-based spread. We roast the sunflowers to give them that tasty ‘peanutty’ crunch. Importantly, we’ve also excluded soya in our spread, therefore excluding all of the major food allergens.”

This peanut-free spread is launching into Sainsbury’s and Asda across the UK in April 2024, allowing everyone to indulge in flavours that they crave.

CRAVE’s ‘Sir Spread-a-lot’ hazelnut spread was created completely free from dairy, gluten and eggs, but the company has now taken the next step by ensuring that P’Not Butter is free from nuts, too. 

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