IBD launches no/low alcohol brewing course

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Attention brewers: the IBD has launched a course to give brewers the knowledge and techniques for making “excellent” no and low alcohol beer.


With the demand for no and low alcohol on the rise, the Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD) has launched a technical training course for brewers to shine a light on how to make “excellent” no/low beverages.

The self-assessed and on demand technical course titled “No and Low Alcohol Beer Production” is the most recent instalment of a series of IBD development courses for brewers.

Hoping to reflect industry changes with its new programme, the IBD has said that it wants its members and students to have access to courses that will keep their skills and technical skills and experience in line with present day trends.

The training course is targeted at brewers working in breweries of all sizes who want to produce “excellent no and low alcohol products safely, at minimum cost and in compliance with regulations”. According to the IDB it provides “the most up to date information” on the science and technology of no and low alcohol beer production.

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Those taking part will be guided through the brewing process from raw materials to packaging and provided with the knowledge required to be an accomplished no and low alcohol beer producer.

Technical information, including that regarding legal classification, nutritional information, mashing profiles and yeast types, flavour compound control and calculations for processing dilution and flavouring will be available for participants to learn more about. What’s more the course also provides a summary of the options for dealcoholisation for brewers as well as hurdles to microbiological contamination.

Sharing his excitement regarding IBD’s latest course, Tom Shelston, CEO, said: “Launching our No and Low Alcohol Beer Production course is a strategic and complementary addition to our growing portfolio of qualifications and courses. It will become an important part of the IBD’s growing educational offering which continues to reflect how the drinks industry is evolving to meet shifting market needs.”

Developed in collaboration with brewers, brewing consultants, yeast suppliers and manufacturers of dealcoholisation equipment, IBD notes that a benefit of this course is not needing to sit a formal exam.

“This is the first course ever that provides in-depth scientific and technical information about no and low alcohol beer production. It is written in collaboration with experts in the field and with the rigor and accuracy that you expect from the IBD. If you are serious about realising the potential of your brewery to make the most of the growth of no and low alcohol beer, you should sign up to take this course,” shared Stuart Howe, Technical and Development Manager at IBD.

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