Watch this week’s 60 second news

Posted: 24 September 2021 | | No comments yet

Tune in to watch this week’s main headlines impacting the food and beverage sector, delivered to you in a one minute video.

In this week’s news, Britain is facing a shortage of carbon dioxide as gas prices around the world continue to sky rocket.

Carbon dioxide is used in everything from soft drinks to salads to package meats, keep products safe during transport and to carbonate water, to name a few applications. The on going crisis could have grave consequences for the food and drink sector.

The British Meat Processors Association says that some farms are looking at the possibility of culling livestock as a result.  

Meanwhile, researchers are worried about the way alcohol is being representing on popular social media platform TikTok. 98 of the 100 most popular videos using the alcohol hashtag on the app contain positive portrays of alcohol.

And finally, some of the world’s top dairy producers have signed up to a new initiative to drive zero emission targets. Nestle, Danone and Royal FrieslandCampina are among them.