Food Security Council established in Michigan

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After COVID-19 magnified food insecurity in Michigan, the newly established Council will see representatives from health care, agriculture, education, business and nonprofits share analysis and solutions.

Food Security Council established in Michigan

US Governor Gretchen Whitmer has signed Executive Order 2020-167 to create the Food Security Council within the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. The Council is tasked with identifying and analysing the origins of and solutions for food insecurity in Michigan and with helping Governor Whitmer work to ensure all Michiganders can put food on the table for themselves and their families. 

“No one should have to worry about how they are going to put food on the table the next day,” said Governor Whitmer. “Food insecurity is a very real and prevalent issue for many Michiganders, and COVID-19 has only made the problem worse. That is why I am creating the Food Security Council to bring together leaders from both sides of the aisle to find solutions on behalf of Michigan families. I am committed to making sure every family and person has access to the quality, nutritious food they need.”  

“COVID-19 has magnified the effects and challenges of food insecurity and increased the number of Michigan residents who struggle with the toxic stress of being food insecure. This is a non-partisan challenge, and while multi-layered, it is solvable for the second most diverse agricultural state in the US,” said Phil Knight, Chair of the Food Security Council.

“Creating food security is the first step towards self-sufficiency, and while it starts in the field, it is sustained in the workplace. Our hungry neighbours are worthy of our investment in them as we seek to fulfil the directives given to the council. I am honoured to work with this incredibly smart and insightful group of leaders who will bring wisdom, perspective, and passion to the work of creating a food secure state. I am thankful for Governor Whitmer’s leadership that enables her to see better, beyond, and before in the creation of this council to address food insecurity across Michigan.” 

The Council will consist of the superintendent of public instruction and the directors of the Departments of Health and Human Services, Agriculture and Rural Development, and Labor and Economic Opportunity, or their designees. In addition, the Governor is appointing 16 members representing various sectors affected by and/or working towards a solution for food insecurity in Michigan, such as the health care, agriculture, education, business, and nonprofit sectors. 

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