Seafood restaurant owners receive hefty sentence of 1,446 years in jail

Posted: 11 June 2020 | | No comments yet

The restaurant owners say they were unable to keep up with demand for their online promotion, resulting in guilty ruling of fraud from court in Thailand.


Two owners of a seafood restaurant have been sentenced to 1,446 years in prison for fraud by Thailand-based court.

In 2019, Laemegate seafood restaurant launched an online food promotion whereby customers could pay in advance. Approximately 20,000 people bought 50 million Thai Baht (£1.2 million) worth of coupons.

According to a BBC report, the company said they could not keep up with demand and consequently, they shut the restaurant.

Around 375 of the 818 customers who complained received a refund, the report states, but an influx of complaints filed against the restaurant resulted in a court hearing and ultimately, a guilty ruling on 723 counts.

The two owners pleaded guilty, resulting in their sentence being reduced to 723 years. However, they will only serve a maximum of 20 years, the length of time that Thai law limits imprisonment for public fraud, says the report.

The court has also ruled that the company, Laemgate Infinite, must pay fines of 1.8 million baht, while the co-owners have been ordered to refund 2.5 million baht in damages to the victims.

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