Ingredients In-Depth Focus

Posted: 30 October 2017 | | 1 comment

This In-Depth Focus looks at the rise of sugar alternatives and their impact on the market. It also takes a closer look at what gluten-free really means and explores the world of superfoods; are the claims about them valid?

Ingredients in depth focus 2017
  • The fall of white gold?
    Sugar alternatives and substitutes have been chipping away at sugar’s market share. What does this mean for the industry?
  • The great gluten confusion
    Whilst the number of people diagnosed with a gluten intolerance has been growing, there is a clear lack of understanding and agreement over what gluten-free actually means.
  • Super Foods!
    Is there any validity to the claims being made on behalf of ‘superfoods’ and how are they changing the industry?

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  1. salaam mohamed says:

    I want to find out what the ingredients in cake decorations are, e. g,lustre powder,

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