Snacks In-Depth Focus 2017

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In this in-depth focus: Kevin Smith from Battle Oats discusses nutrition on the go; Robert Strathem from Fairfields Farm explains how they’re reinventing crisps one bag at a time; and we catch-up with Wenger’s Doug Baldwin…

Snacks in-depth focus 2017
  • Nutrition on the go – the trend of 2016
    Kevin Smith, Co-owner, Battle Oats
    With people leading increasingly busy lives, the phenomenal growth of the snacks market in recent years hardly comes as a surprise: between 2010 and 2015 it grew by 17.4% to $145bn, according to Euromonitor. Coupled with the focus on more exercise and better nutrition, it’s also no surprise that this burgeoning market was driven by the development of healthy products – US sales of energy and nutrition bars accounted for $2.48bn in 2015, an increase of 87.5% in just five years…
  • Reinventing crisps, one bag at a time
    Robert Strathem, Founder, Fairfields Farm
    When we set up Fairfields Farm Crisps in 2006 we never expected that in just 10 years we’d be exporting to 15 countries around the world and selling our products through national retailers and pubs, as well as on airlines and trains. From a humble potato, our business has certainly grown…
  • Food for thought
    with Doug Baldwin, Vice President, Food and Industrial Products, Wenger Manufacturing Inc.

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