Healthy Snacks supplement 2015

Posted: 23 April 2015 | New Food magazine | 1 comment

In this Healthy Snacks supplement, Kellogg’s Leonnard Ojwang discusses the development of healthy, nourishing snack foods, plus a look at how popping physics can help to reduce salt in snacks…

Healthy Snacks supplement 2015

This Healthy Snacks supplement is sponsored by BENEO, GNT, Guntner, Mitchell Dryers, NDC Technologies, Perten Instruments, Process Sensors Corporation (PSC) and Wenger.

  • Developing healthy, nourishing snack foods
    Leonnard Ojwang, Product Development Scientist, Kellogg Company
    Snacks are foods eaten between meals and are generally savoury or sweet. Major highlights in the development of modern snacks include a shift from potato- and corn-based baked or fried chips/crisps in the late 1800s to early 1900s, followed by better equipment and improved processing capabilities within the twentieth century. Recently, the industry moved from a 100% focus on taste before the 1980s to a strategy of removing food components consumers wanted less of between 1980 and the middle of the last decade, which saw a boom in sales of low and no fat snack foods around 19951, and lower salt more recently…
  • Popping physics helps to reduce salt in snacks
    Ruud van der Sman and Jan Broeze, Wageningen, UR Food & Biobased Research
    Almost everyone has experienced the creation of popcorn from dried corn kernels. When they are intensively heated as during frying or microwave heating, the water in the corn is converted into steam – but cannot escape due to the hull of the kernel. At a certain pressure, way above atmospheric pressure, the hull snaps, and the pressurised steam bubbles expand. Due to cooling and escape of steam, the starch in the corn solidifies, leaving a much appreciated, crispy and fluffy texture…
  • SNACKEX: Show preview
    Organised by the European Snacks Association (ESA), SNACKEX describes itself as the only event 100% focused on savoury snacks and snack nuts in Europe. Uniting the savoury snack industry in a single destination trade show and conference, SNACKEX will again serve as the pre-eminent business meeting place for the whole industry when it opens its doors from 10-11 June…

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One response to “Healthy Snacks supplement 2015”

  1. Ed Lippert says:

    The best way to cook popcorn is in an air popper. Then add grape seed oil, turmeric and paprika (with no added salt).

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