Product Launch: CRC ECO Complex Blue

Posted: 21 June 2021 | , | No comments yet

Modern manufacturing equipment requires modern cleaning solutions! CRC outlines the benefits of its ECO Complex Blue tool.

CRC Product Review

Modern manufacturing plants in the food industry require a special approach to cleaning tasks. Machines and pipelines are generally not removable, but still have to be properly cleaned. The solution is the so-called CIP process (Cleaning in Place), which enables efficient and economical cleaning.

Equipment used to create and manufacture your food items must be cleaned on a regular basis, sometimes several times a day. The same cleanliness applies to shelving, storage stations, containers, floors, and walls. Such intensive cleaning can be time consuming. Ideally, the cleaning is very effective at removing the toughest contaminants. On the other hand, using strong cleaning agents daily will damage the surfaces, creating additional costs and downtime.

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