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Ammeraal Beltech’s belting solutions for Food Safety

Posted: 23 May 2024 | | No comments yet

Discover Ammeraal Beltech’s Dectyl Metal-Detectable Range, ensuring food safety and brand integrity through precision-engineered belts.

Explore the future of food safety with Ammeraal Beltech’s revolutionary Dectyl Metal-Detectable conveyor belts. Engineered for precision, the Dectyl range sets a new standard in safeguarding product safety and brand reputation. Detecting even the smallest foreign bodies with ease, this range ensures unparalleled protection across all food segments from meat to confectionery.

Worried about the smallest detectable fragment? Ammeraal Beltech provides unique test cards for optimal performance under real working conditions! Empowering facilities to fine-tune their detection systems for maximum efficiency.

Enhance your food safety standards, read the full article to learn more!

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