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Study: Cooking and cooling behaviour of puddings

Posted: 13 April 2021 | | No comments yet

In this case study, the properties of vanilla pudding mixes, esp. starch gelatinisation and consistency, were investigated under various conditions.

The main ingredient of commercially available pudding mixes is starch, mainly made from maize. This study should examine the extent to which those differ in their consistency. Since the composition of these products is very similar in most cases and therefore only marginal differences were to be expected, the corresponding tests were carried out with a high precision viscometer, the Brabender ViscoQuick

The product consistency was investigated during the subsequent cooling under various conditions. In further series of experiments, the influence of milk or sugar on the viscosity course was analysed and considered. As both raw materials are used in the cooking of pudding it makes sense to analyse the kind and extent of influence on consistency. Especially in the cooling phase from 20 °C to 6 °C, the differences between the usage of milk in contrast to water are interesting for the researcher, as these are likely to be reflected in the sensory properties of the finished pudding. The influence of sugar, on the other hand, could be of interest to the final consumer from a health point of view.

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