Meat fraud, an old crime with some new twists

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26 June 2019

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26 June 2019

The meat trade globally does not have a good reputation and it seems there are a constant stream of fraud issues unmasked. There are very few other industries that seem to have the level of cheating that meat does. Could we imagine reading about fraud in the manufacture of plane parts or pharmaceuticals and still feel OK to use the products? We think not yet despite multiple scandals meat remains an essential part of many of our diets and of course, can play a very important part in getting the right nutrition to keep us healthy. In the webinar, Professor Chris Elliott examines the many different ways that meat fraud can manifest itself. From a dodgy butcher adding sawdust to his sausage to a national scandal involving large parts of the meat industry and government involved in corruption, bribery and cheating. While there are many ways to cheat there are nearly an equal number of ways to try and catch the cheats. We explore these and show how they can be employed at different parts of meat supply chains to have the maximum impact on deterring the fraudsters.

Keynote Speaker

Chris Elliott

Chris Elliott, Professor of Food Safety and Founder of the Institute for Global Food Security, Queen’s University



NGS Food Screening for Species Identification

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