How can farmers look after their land?

Posted: 13 February 2023 | | No comments yet

As a tornado blustered through someway in the distance, New Food editor Joshua Minchin braved the weather to talk sustainability with Matt and Marty Frey.

As the Louisiana weather closed in, New Food’s Joshua Minchin asked Matt and Marty Frey, whose family have been farming at Four Oaks Farm for more than 50 years, how they are protecting their land.

The Frey’s explain how they are using precision agriculture to ensure their land is farmable for generations to come. Four Oaks Farm is located on the Morganza Spillway, making it vulnerable to flooding from the mighty Mississippi river. The Frey’s farm sugarcane, soybean, and rice. Plus, when in season, the Frey’s farm crawfish in their rice fields to get as much out of their land as they can without exploiting it. 

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