Video: Welcome to Biocatalysts Ltd’s enzyme production plant

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Biocatalysts Ltd extends its capabilities fermenting E. coli, Pichia and Yarrowia and subsequent down-stream-processing in new state-of-the-art facility

Speciality enzyme company, Biocatalysts Ltd, have delivered the first customer product that was fermented and processed in their state-of-the-art enzyme manufacturing facility. The unique enzyme was scaled up and commercialised in less than 10 months to meet the demands of the customers’ manufacturing schedule. It is a testament to the team that the plant commissioning, validation, and production of the first commercial product was done during these unprecedented times and shows Biocatalysts Ltd.’s commitment to providing large-scale fermentation services.
The facility is capable of E. coli, Pichia and Yarrowia fermentations and subsequent down-stream-processing. The new fermentation capacity increases their existing portfolio, extending their fermentation scales to 3L, 75L, 750L and 10,000L and has been designed to accommodate future growth. Coupled with their award-winning enzyme discovery, development and manufacturing process Biocatalysts Ltd truly have a unique breadth of offering in the biotechnology marketplace.
Craig Galeozzie, Director of Operations at Biocatalysts Ltd, commented, “The strategic planning, design and subsequent installation has been an incredible 3-year journey, ultimately delivering a conceptual ‘LEAN’ process that provides us with a unique facility unrivalled in the industry. Built on the foundations of teamwork, the extension project is another example of the extraordinary commitment, professionalism and dedication of our staff to exceed our customers’ expectations as we further develop the facility and strengthen our marketability.”
Take a tour of Biocatalysts Ltd’s new production facility by watching their video to see the complete enzyme facility and learn more about how they can use their services to create an enzyme tailored to your production process.


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