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Quality analysis & quality control (QA/QC)


How to get metal out of baby food

12 July 2016 | By Bunting Magnetics Europe

Baby food is just one example of a foodstuff that is generally processed in a slurry form with small sized solids...

Comparison of sensory methods

20 June 2016 | By Michael Bryanton, Research and Development Chef, Canada’s Smartest Kitchen, The Culinary Institute of Canada

There are a number of sensory methods to determine with statistical relevance whether or not consumers will notice a difference between a current formulation and a new one. Each sensory method has advantages and disadvantages, including the sensitivity of the method, which determines the number of judges necessary, and the…

NF Validation mark by AFNOR Certification

20 June 2016 | By Stéphanie Sammartano, Senior Certification Engineer, NF Validation Certification Manager (AFNOR Certification)

AFNOR Certification is the leading certification and systems, services, products and competencies assessment body in France and one of the top-ranking leaders worldwide. The AFNOR group's Certification branch handles the two best-known quality marks on the market: AFAQ and NF.

Detecting metal in meat with meatLINE™

23 May 2016 | By BUNTING Magnetics Europe Ltd

The meatLINE™ Metal Separator for vacuum fillers has been launched by Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd to provide processors with a solution to the problem of metal contamination in meat slurries and pastes...

FoodIntegrity: A roundtable roundup

4 May 2016 | By Kaynat Choudhury, Multimedia Content Manager

While at the FoodIntegrity conference New Food hosted a live roundtable event about the gaps in current research in regards to food authenticity and its impact on the supply chain...

Honey Analysis with RX altona

15 April 2016 | By Randox Food Diagnostics

Randox Food Diagnostics now offers quick and easy analysis of diastase and total sugar with the RX altona...

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