Episode Seventeen: Food safety culture with Mondelez and Merck

Posted: 19 August 2021 | | No comments yet

In our latest podcast, the New Food team are joined by four experts in the field of hygiene monitoring and disinfection control.

Do you know what space food has to do with the origins of HACCP?

Join New Food’s Bethan Grylls and Joshua Minchin as they test their knowledge on HACCP, Hygiene monitoring and disinfection control before sitting down to talk with experts from Mondelēz and Merck. 

In the latest Food to Go podcast sponsored by Merck, you’ll hear Dimitri Tavernarakis, Global Lead for Hygiene Design, and Jim Hartley Global Sanitation Lead from Mondelēz discuss:

  • HACCP protocol – applied from farm to fork
  • Increased focus on HACCP management and efficiencies
  • Reviewing your food safety plan
  • Food stability and its impact on HACCP
  • Food safety culture – getting the right mindset

Whilst Merck’s experts, Joy Cruz, Product Manager for Environmental Monitoring; and Claudia Born, Field Marketing Specialist for Food & Beverages, offer listeners an understanding of:

  • The importance of disinfection control and hygiene monitoring for food and beverage manufacturers
  • Surface monitoring and avoiding cross contamination
  • Why in-process testing needed for disinfection control
  • Testing opaque samples with test strips
  • When ATP testing should be done and how often
  • ATP testing complementary to conventional microbiology tests

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