Episode Three: PepsiCo

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According to National Geographic, approximately 18 billion pounds of plastic waste flows into the oceans every year from coastal regions, and 40 percent of plastic produced is packaging.

Plastic is endlessly useful, but we are producing far too much – more than 300 million tons a year. Half of this is for single-use – but remains on the planet for at least several hundreds years.1  Almost one million plastic beverage bottles are sold every minute around the world. Yet, less than a fifth of all plastic is recycled globally, according to National Geographic.2 This is not only having a detrimental effect on human health – with the toxins released from plastic having been linked to cancers – but it is also harming our planet. 

In episode three, New Food’s Editor, Bethan Grylls, interviews Chris Daly, vice president of supply chain at PepsiCo Europe, about how the company is addressing the plastic problem and seeking more sustainable options.


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