Episode Four: The challenges of sustainability

Posted: 27 January 2020 | | No comments yet

Interested to learn more about sustainable practice? Want to know more about the innovations that could help us face this humongous challenge? Then listen to our Editor’s interview with expert, Dr Wayne Martindale!

In episode four of New Food’s podcast, our Editor Bethan Grylls speaks to Dr Wayne Martindale, Associate Professor of Food Insights and Sustainability at the University of Lincoln, about the challenges we are facing when it comes to sustainability and the innovations coming to the fore.

Dr Martindale has delivered sustainability research since 1998 with some of our best known food brands. He started out in technical communications and external affairs at Levington Agriculture and has worked at CSIRO Australia, the EC Joint Research Centre and the OECD Paris. Having trained as a management apprentice with British Sugar plc, Bush Boake Allen Group and Ford Motor Company Ltd in the 1980’s, his doctorate in biochemistry was awarded in 1993 at the University of Sheffield. This is not an episode to be missed!

Interested to hear more? Dr Martindale will be speaking at Food Integrity 2020


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