Episode 24 – A history of hemp

Posted: 4 May 2022 | | No comments yet

The New Food editorial team sit down for a history lesson with Michael Kyriakou, CEO of Gaia’s Farming, as they learn the story of wonder-plant hemp.

You may have heard of hemp, you might even consume products that contain it, but did you know that hemp was used to ,manufacture rope for ships centuries ago? The New Food editorial team find out some barnstorming facts such as this one as they sit down for a history lesson with Gaia’s  Farming CEO Miachel Kyriakou on all things hemp. 

There’s an examination of the plant’s many uses, as well as a look at the regulations surrounding its production – which has not always been plain sailing. 

Join Bethan, Josh, and Abi for a useful history lesson and fascinating look into one of Plant Earth’s most useful plants. 

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