The world’s rarest whisky goes online with Cask88

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Cask88 releases its much anticipated collection of Scottish whisky for sale globally, coined the world’s rarest whisky…


Cask88 has released its much anticipated collection of rare Scottish whisky for sale globally.


The milestone marks the first time such an extensive private whisky collection has been available for sale through an online e-commerce store. Collectors, investors and whisky enthusiasts will appreciate the hand-curated collection which includes some of the most coveted bottles in the world.

The effort was spearheaded by Cask88 executives in an effort to bring a wider selection of rare bottles to the online community. With the industry consumed by increasing commercialisation, Cask88 offers the opportunity to experience the historical artistry and craftsmanship that has established Scotland’s reputation as the de facto standard of whisky.

Bottles range in price from £100.00 to over £9,000.00.

Included in the collection is an expansive selection of bottles from “silent distilleries” so-called because they no longer distill their once-prized spirits. Over 40 bottles from the Port Ellen and Brora Distilleries are available for sale. Both of these highly respected distilleries have been closed since 1983 making them increasingly rare and highly sought collectables. Other notable distilleries represented in the collection include Macallan, Bowmore, Glenlivet and Highland Park.

“This collection is a rare window into the past, offering the chance to taste whisky that has formed the backbone of Scottish Whisky today. It’s with great pride that we can offer the opportunity to experience other eras of whisky including releases from distilleries that have now fallen silent,” said Patrick Costello, Director.


About Cask88

Since 2005, Cask88 has become internationally recognised as the world’s leading source for rare casks, bottles and collections of whisky. Cask88 helps clients purchase world-class whisky that has traditionally been exclusive to distillery owners and insiders. Working with Cask88 allows clients to easily purchase a historic whisky cask, an antique bottle or create their own bespoke bottling. The company is driven to assist clients in obtaining highly distinguished whisky that is otherwise impossible to obtain.

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