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IFST responds to the FSA’s “Regulating our Future” programme

2 August 2017 | By

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) recently published a paper outlining progress with the “Regulating our Future” programme*. Institute of Food Science & Technology, the independent qualifying body for food professionals in Europe, recognises the paper reflects the FSA’s current evolution in the thinking, rather than a finished design of the…

Colorimetric recognition of aldehydes and ketones in scotch

26 July 2017 | By ,

New colorimetric sensor arrays on disposable test-strips read by hand-held devices allow for their rapid, inexpensive, and sensitive identification by their chemical “fingerprints”. They are based on novel sensor arrays that detect and differentiate among a diverse range of aldehydes and ketones, as reported in the journal Angewandte Chemie.

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