The Sustainability Report by New Food

Featuring experts in sustainable agriculture, responsible seafood sourcing, supply chain ethics and consumer recycling schemes, offering solutions for achieving sustainability in the food industry.

Explore the crucial topic of sustainability within the food and beverage industry in New Food‘s Sustainability Report.

The report features interviews and in-depth articles with industry experts and multinational organisations including:

  • Zoltan Syposs, Chief Quality, Safety and Environment (QSE) Officer at The Coca-Cola Company at Coca-Cola (and New Food Advisory Board member)
    The importance of sustainability in agriculture and the challenges that the food industry faces in achieving sustainable practices
  • Ann Meaney, Head of Ingredients Marketing at Tirlan
    How the Irish cooperative Tirlan is refining generation of grass-fed dairy expertise to ensure its continued longevity
  • George Clark, Programme Director at Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)
    Consumer trends when purchasing MSC-labelled seafood products and why the labelling programme is so important
  • Paul Williams, Global Head of Sustainability at Princes
    The latest progress towards responsible food production
  • Mary Child, Sustainability Lead for the UK and Republic of Ireland (ROI) at Nespresso
    How consistent best practice makes the difference when implementing sustainable systems

Gain valuable insights into the efforts being made by leading organisations to improve sustainability and offer practical solutions for addressing some of the key challenges in this area.

This report covers a range of other important topics, including waste reduction, energy efficiency, and carbon emissions reduction. It highlights the progress that has been made in these areas in recent years, as well as the ongoing challenges that the food industry faces in achieving truly sustainable practices.

Download your free copy of New Food‘s Sustainability Report – an unmissable informative resource for everyone in the food and beverage industry, as we seek to turn the tide on the battle against climate change.