Our latest US industry report: State of the Industry

State of the Industry is a new food and beverage report that provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of the industry.

Introducing our latest report, State of the Industry – a comprehensive overview of the current state of the food and beverage sector in the United States. This report features highlights from the recent Food Integrity US 2023 conference, as well as contributions from industry leaders, experts, and organizations.

One of the key themes of the report is the push towards a smarter food system, as discussed by former Deputy Commissioner of the FDA Frank Yiannas. This involves utilising technology and data to improve food safety and traceability, and ensuring that the entire supply chain is transparent and efficient.

Food safety is another major topic covered in the report, with contributions from leading companies such as Papa John’s and Coca-Cola. These companies share insights and best practices on how they maintain high standards of food safety across their operations.

In addition, the report delves into the crucial issue of cybersecurity in the food industry. Multiple cybersecurity experts provide insights on how to protect against cyber attacks and data breaches, which have become an increasingly prevalent threat in our sector. 

The report also sheds light on the crucial issue of food insecurity in the United States, featuring contributions from Feeding America and Smithfield Foods. These organisations discuss their efforts to address hunger and food insecurity, and the challenges they face in ensuring that all Americans have access to nutritious and affordable food.

Overall, State of the Industry offers a comprehensive and insightful look at the current state of the food and beverage industry in the United States. Download today to ensure you are across everything happening in the US food and beverage sector.