Food Safety – FDA reforms and 60 years of Codex

Discover Food Safety In-Depth Focus, featuring articles on FDA reforms, Codex’s 60th anniversary, and the cost of gluten-free.

Welcome to  the Food Safety In-Depth Focus (IDF), an enlightening feature of Issue 2, 2023. Dive into a wealth of knowledge and explore the dynamic landscape of food safety with our thought-provoking articles and engaging stories.

Join us as we embark on a journey with Brian Ronholm of Consumer Reports, as he shares his thought-provoking concerns regarding the FDA reforms. Gain exclusive access to his invaluable insights by downloading the IDF. 

Celebrating of 60 years of Codex, we unveil the captivating story of its creation. Discover the tireless efforts, collaborative spirit, and impactful achievements that have shaped this international food safety standard-setting body. 

Furthermore, we shed light on the often overlooked aspects of food safety through the eyes of Coeliac UK. Delve into the compelling narrative that explores the challenges and costs associated with shopping for gluten-free products. Learn about the tremendous impact faced by individuals with coeliac disease and the importance of accessible, safe food options.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to deepen your understanding of food safety. Join us in uncovering the latest insights, compelling stories, and expert opinions that shape the future of our industry. Download the Food Safety In-Depth Focus today!