Beverage Processing supplement 2014

Posted: 30 October 2014 | | 1 comment

David Berryman discusses the use of fruit juices as natural colouring agents, and Paul Hughes looks at improving the nonbiological stability of beer…

Beverage Processing supplement
  • The use of fruit juices as natural colouring agents
    David Berryman, Founder, David Berryman Limited
    It’s fairly well established that we eat with our eyes. Before we even attempt to taste food, our brains need the comfort that what is about to be consumed has passed a visual test. As omnivorous creatures, the range of colours which we recognise as attractive is vast. What is regarded as a ‘good’ colour for fruit may not be a good colour for meat or fish, but we have learned by association to edit incoming visual data.
  • Improving the nonbiological stability of beer
    Paul Hughes, Director, Yasigiworld Ltd
    Since the medieval period, brewers have been concerned with improving the stability of beers. Pre-Industrial Revolution, much of the need was to ensure that relatively small batches were sufficiently acceptable to the domestic setting or to the consuming public, most of which would be consumed local to the area of production. As early as 1576, Reynolde Scot, in the second edition of his slim volume on hop growing, clearly understood the benefit of hops to beer stabilisation (also highlighting the savings in malted barley required at the same time).
  • Show Preview: BrauBeviale 2014
    Small- and medium-sized enterprises and global beverage players from all over the world will meet at BrauBeviale – the year’s most important capital goods exhibition for the beverage production industry. Taking place at Nürnberg Messe in Germany on 11 – 13 November 2014, BrauBeviale will bring together 1,300 exhibitors to present their extensive ranges of raw materials, technologies, logistics and marketing ideas for approximately 33,000 trade visitors.

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  1. Mark Shadbolt says:

    like the mix of topics

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