Food contamination an issue? – Discover solutions for your everyday sample preparation needs

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11 April 2014

About this webinar

As food quality and food integrity has become a major topic for the consumer, the penetration path of contaminants in our food chain deriving from the food production and/or the food packaging and storage conditions is gaining attention. Fast and reliable ways of sample preparation and analysis are discussed showing up-to-date examples and how the regulations are applied.

This webinar focuses on new methods and applications in food contamination analysis, bringing together some of the leading experts in food contact materials (FCM) and provides an interactive learning environment for scientists working in this field.

What will you gain from this webinar?

  • You will be provided with tangible ways to streamline your sample preparation to detect mineral oil hydrocarbons in cardboard and food as well as bisphenol A in canned food.
  • BUCHI´s solutions for these applications are presented using examples from industry.

Keynote speakers

Sabrina MoretSabrina Moret
Associate Professor, Department of Food Science
University of Udine

Sabrina Moret has been an Associate Professor of Food Chemistry at the University of Udine since 2002. She graduated in Food Science at the University of Udine where she also studied for her PhD in Food Biotechnology. Her main area of research is food contaminants focussing on the development of analytical procedures based on the use of innovative sample preparation coupled with chromatographic techniques. She is co-author of more than 60 papers in international journals and book chapters, mainly in the area of food contaminants.

Duncan Goodwin

Duncan Goodwin
Director of Technical Services, Supply Chain Assurance

Duncan has worked for NSF (formerly CMI) for 15 years providing strategic and technical support to clients in matters relating to food safety, food hygiene, packaging, social responsibility and health and safety. He has worked extensively throughout Europe with food service, food manufacturers and food packaging companies. His background is in environmental health and more latterly supply chain technical services, both managing contract delivery and the in-sourcing of technologists and quality professionals. He has a BSc degree in Environmental Health and a Masters degree in Food Law. He is a member of the Institute of Food Science and Technology and an Associate of the Institute of Quality Assurance.

Susanne Feifel

Susanne Feifel
Product Group Manager for Kjeldahl, Elemental Analysis and Extraction
BÜCHI Labortechnik AG

Susanne Feifel has worked at BÜCHI Labortechnik AG for 16 years providing strategic support in technical and marketing projects for customers in existing markets along with the development of new market sub-segments for the food, feed and environmental industry. She extensively focuses on collaborations with industry experts, academic associates and end-users in the food science, food packaging, and food testing markets, meeting their needs by developing and delivering complete and sustainable solutions. Her background is in trace analysis for residues and contaminants mainly involving sample preparation and clean-up tasks. She has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a Masters in Advanced Studies in Business Administration and Marketing Management.

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