R-Biopharm Rhone Ltd


Block 10 Todd Campus
West of Scotland Science Park
Acre Road, Glasgow
G20 0XA
United Kingdom

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Excellence in Food and Feed Analysis

Since the formation of the company in the late 1980’s R-Biopharm Rhône Ltd has established itself as a leading developer of test solutions for food and feed analysis, manufacturing test kits that offer high precision and accuracy. The company’s activities have primarily focused on development and sales of premium quality immunoaffinity tests solutions for mycotoxins, vitamins, antibiotics and microbiology in addition to contract projects for research of new test formats for specific needs.

R-Biopharm AG (RBAG) acquired Rhône Diagnostics Technologies (RDT) in 2001 and from that new partnership R-Biopharm Rhône Ltd (RBR) grew allowing the company to expand to new facilities in Glasgow in 2009.

Today R-Biopharm Rhône promotes immunoaffinity test solutions though RBAG’s own subsidiary companies in the UK, USA, Italy, France, Spain, Australia, Argentina, China, India and Brazil. The company is also represented worldwide by an extensive network of more than 80 independent distributors across MENA, Asia and Latin America.

Many R-Biopharm Rhône test kits have undergone official validation and certification, and RBR products have an enviable reputation worldwide within their field. Immunoaffinity column test kits are sold under the EASI-EXTRACT® PREP® and RHONE® brand names and trademarks.

R-Biopharm Rhône’s commitment to quality is an integral part of the business. The company’s Quality Management System is designed to give a frame to the organisation’s activities, in order to ensure that a high level of quality is maintained, from Research and Development through to Sales, Dispatch and Customer Services. The Quality Management System is fully operational and accredited by the DQS to ISO 9001. In 2012 the company won Bronze Investors in People Award in recognition of best management practice.

Outstanding quality is consistently achieved by RBR through use of internal auditing, to systematically check completed work, the establishment of formal procedures to ensure consistency of operations, regular maintenance and calibration of equipment to ensure accuracy of measurements and quality control analyses on intermediate and finished products.

R-Biopharm Rhône’s distinctive policy of partnership and teamwork is an approach valued by its customers and research partners alike. The company’s key objective is to be a dependable manufacturer and first point of contact for customers, providing competent advice on every sector it serves.

For R-Biopharm Rhône the future looks set to offer exciting prospects in the fields of food and feed analysis as well as many other areas of diagnostics both in private and in government sectors. The company is well positioned to advance the development of innovative and versatile fast tests necessary to obtain accurate results from a wide range of new challenges.