Packaging & Labelling In-Depth Focus

Posted: 22 August 2017 | | 1 comment

In this food packaging & labelling In-Depth Focus: The growing popularity of the drinks can and changes to rules surrounding how food is labelled…

Food packaging and labelling in-depth focus issue 4 2017
  • The sound of the crowd
    Martin Constable, Chairman, The Can Makers
    A look at why the drinks can is growing in popularity and how it meets customer needs.
  • New rules, new labels
    Petr Mensik, EU Affairs Manager, The European Consulting Company
    How the introduction of the new Food for Specific Groups regulation has impacted food labels.
  • The future of food labelling
    Sarah Howarth, Chartered Scientist and Fellow of the Institute of Food Science & Technology
    This article explores the current state of European food labelling , touches on the various national member state initiatives, and questions what the future might bring.

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  1. Ipac says:

    That’s awesome approach to preserving foods as well as you want for short period of time.

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