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  • Shimadzu presents the results of a new method for flavonol quantitative analysis in tea leaves
  • Low-moisture food groups come with added risk; find out how PerkinElmer can help you test with confidence
  • New Food learns how NIR spectroscopy can help make the laborious task of plastic recycling more streamlined
  • WITec illustrates how Raman imaging chemically characterises food samples, including particulate baking ingredients
  • Thermo Fisher explores how contaminants in the eluent water can impact HPLC performance, the analysis of underivatised amino acids in wines, and automated DNA extraction for food species screening and identification
  • New Food finds out how Allied Scientific Pro’s handheld spectrophotometer and PC-operated cloud system works and what benefits await users
  • Elementar weighs up the pros and cons of IRMS and NMR when it comes to the best tool for seeking out honey fraud
  • Mettler Toledo discusses the benefits of testing labs using automated standard preparation