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Whitepaper: Do you control your product quality or are you controlled by it?

Posted: 1 September 2015 | | 2 comments

Understand why one of the most neglected parameters in the food quality control world is water activity measurement…

Indeed, food quality control and safety is a complex topic and many different ideas and point of views are present. The tricky thing is to find exactly the methods and instruments which provide the results needed for good decision if a batch is fine or not. Of course, expertise for interpretation of those analytical values is also important to profit from the different analyses.

One of the most neglected parameter in the food quality control world is water activity. Normally, it is used for microbial risk determination and mitigation but limits are often that far beyond actual values, that no one really cares, if water activity varies a bit; as long as it stays within the limits, all is fine. But at the same time, the opportunity for production optimization is missed and money is still going to waste by production problems, non-conformity of texture, taste etc. No worries, help is just around the corner: It’s water activity measurement.

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2 responses to “Whitepaper: Do you control your product quality or are you controlled by it?”

  1. Ashim Sigdel says:

    I am interested in the article -Whitepaper: Do you control your product quality or are you controlled by it?

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    A Sigdel
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